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elcome to our 2013 offerings of walking, wildlife and environmental tours. We are proud to say that Walking Experiences is now in its 22nd. year of operation, and we thank our loyal following of  travelers with whom we have enjoyed sharing many marvellous journeys. For this year we have kept some of our more popular trips and added some new ones. If you have any questions regarding our trips please do not hesitate to email or call our office. 

Check out our new blog at:  http://terry-carruthers.blogspot.com/, which offers information on some of our favourite hikes, hotels and wildlife viewing spots. 

Now approaching its 22nd year, Walking Experiences was founded in 1991 by Terry Carruthers, a native of Dublin, Ireland. A student of ecology and history, Terry has long been fascinated by the links between humans and our environment. As an experienced tour leader, this combination of interests lends a special perspective to the trips.  The benefits to you include the pleasure of being outdoors in beautiful surroundings combined with a deeper understanding about the cultural and environmental landscape surrounding you.

Terry was a naturalist with the Irish National Parks Service for 17 years. He is an experienced guide, an ever-curious naturalist and a published author. 

His writings include The Birds of Killarney National Park (1993), Kerry: A Natural History (1998) and he is a contributing author to Killarney National Park: A Place to Treasure (2001).

Terry's principal interests are environmental matters, birding, ecology and archaeology, but he also dabbles in watercolor painting, woodcarving, house restorations and playing the concertina. He has recently completed a Masters in Advanced Environmental & Energy Studies. 

For those who have walked with us before, our arrangements will need little introduction. For others new to our tours, the following pages should answer most of your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if anything needs further clarification.  

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